Motorcycle (Cat.A2)

Since 1st July 1995 every novice rider (Cat.A2 - motorcycle) living in Luxembourg must participate in a one-day safety training course (Art. 83 Code de la route).


Novice drivers are involved THREE times more often in accidents than experienced drivers.

Young drivers under 25 years represent less than 10% of all drivers, nevertheless they are involved in about 25% of all accidents

In recent years 15% of fatal accidents involved motorcyclists or their passengers.

  • Within two years of acquiring the driving licence, novices must take this obligatory course in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. You can participate in this course just 6 months after the driving test, however a driving experience of at least 3000 km is recommended.

  • The Course is not a test. It is just to help novices to become more defensive riders. They should become aware of the dangers in everyday traffic and get to know the limits of themselves, their motorcycles, and the physical laws which apply to them.

Learning by doing

The course is composed of a theoretical part, practical exercises, and demonstrations. The duration of the course is 7 hours. The exact timetable is detailed in the confirmation letter sent to participants.

Through several exercises and demonstrations the participants will gain additional experience in the following areas:

• Self-assessment
• Influence of speed and reaction time
• Stopping distance in an emergency
• Observing and steering techniques
• Safety distance between two vehicles
• Choice of the correct speed
• Braking and avoidance
• 'Blind Spots'

    Any risk!?

The course is without any risk to the rider or their motorcycle! The practical exercises are executed at low speed. There is no risk of an accident for the rider and the tyres will not be worn.


Courses are given in 4 languages:

  • Luxembourgish
  • German
  • French
  • Portuguese

The participant should inform the administration of their preferred language when booking.


    Booking is by Telephone ( Tel. 85 82 85-1) at the 'Centre de Formation pour Conducteurs S.A.'

    Weekdays: 202,30
    Week-ends: 225,00
    The price includes a fully comprehensive insurance for the motorcycle, the breakfast and the lunch. A government subsidy of 40 € is included in this price.


Courses take place from 1. April to 30. September, 6 days a week (closed Mondays).


The Centre is in Colmar-Berg is about 20 km to the north of the capital, Luxembourg city, between the N7/E420 and the A7. (detailed map)


The practical exercises are performed at low speed and without any risk to the motorcyclist or their machine.

• Rest well before this instructive day full of new experiences in connection with you and your motorcycle.

• Do not forget your driving licence, insurance papers, the motorcycle papers and the technical control certificate.

• Do not forget your helmet, and your safety clothing with protectors, boots and gloves

• Because motorcycle courses encourage heavy perspiration, you have the possibility to take a shower afterwards.


During the practical exercises, your motorcycle is insured by your own Third Party/Comprehensive liability insurance. In addition, the price includes a comprehensive insurance up to a maximum coverage of 40.000.-€ with a forfeit of 500,-€. Additional insurance cover can be arranged for a higher premium.


Breakfast and Lunch, included in the price, are served in the restaurant "Neptwone".

What about the driving licence?

If you do not participate at this course, the driving licence loses validity after the expiring date.. To extend the validity of your driving licence, complete the form from the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works after the course and send it back, adding the following documents:

• a recent Photo 45 x 35 mm
• a photocopy (Front- and back side) of your current driving licence

These documents, including the application form, must be sent not more than 6 weeks, and at latest 20 days before the given date to the following adress:

SNCT - Service des Permis de conduire
2a, Kalchesbruck
SNCT - Service des Permis de conduire
rue de Pintsch
SNCT - Service des Permis de conduire
22-28, rue Jos Kieffer

At the latest 15 days before your driving license expires , the new driving license must have been picked up at the counter of the driving licence office (the old driving licence must be handed in).