Mobility and Safety on the Road

Road Safety course for Schools

  • In addition to the sensitivity program "Mobility and safety in traffic", which is offered on the internet, school lessons are held at all secondary schools in the country. All classes of the 16-17 age group take part in this safety event. For most of the students this event takes place in the same year as their driving licence training.   

After seven years of experience with the two-phase training in Colmar-Berg, we noticed that 46% of all young male drivers and 27% of all young female drivers STILL got involved in at least one car accident before participating in the compulsory course in the "Centre de formation pour Conducteurs",

The three main reasons are:

  1. the greater willingness to take risk of young drivers in general
  2. their lack of experience and knowledge
  3. the wrong attitude to their car and their lives

Precisely these points are considered in the course at school, before driving school lessons start. The "safety event" should show to the future novice drivers the exact reasons for car accidents and show the consequences of bad decisions and false judgements in hard reality.

The security event is divided into two main parts:
  •  In a review meeting the car drivers' weaknesses are examined as the main causes for car accidents. Statistics, Videoclips, discussions and witness reports are all part of this meeting.
  • Practical demonstrations illustrate the different stopping distances with different speed. Tthe students notice and measure the braking distance covered during the reaction time to make it clear the importance of the car's speed in an accident.

Furthermore, the students have the possibility to discover the value of the safety belt in a Roll-over Simulator.
Finally some real crashed cars graphically illustrate the consequences of a car accident.

We offer this security program in all the schools after the primary school between Easter and the summer holidays. It is executed by employees of the Ministry of Education and Transport, as well as by employees of the "Centre de Formation pour Conducteurs", helped also by the Police Grand-Ducale and the Automobile Club Luxembourg.
The duration of the event is two school lessons.

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