Kuck & Klick

Safety course for 1st year Primary School pupils


Children, between 4 and 7 years old (1st. Year), are taught the dangers of traffic as pedestrians and passengers in order to learn vital behaviour in relation to the car and traffic.


The world of traffic is not a world for children

The children's need for movement, autonomy and freedom, and their urge to spontaneous play is often in direct conflict to the everyday requirements of traffic safety in the adult world.

Therefore a lot of dangerous situations in traffic are caused and children, as the weakest users of the roads, frequently come off worst.
Children are especially at risk as pedestrians and as passengers . These two kinds of accidents account for up to 90% of all accidents involving children younger than 14.

Learning by doing!

Children as pedestrians

• on pavements
• when crossing the road
• in relation to parked cars
• on crossroads and traffic lights
• in relation to other road users

Children as passengers

• Safetybelt
To demonstrate the importance of the safety belt, in a special electronic car children experience how a safety belt restrains them safely in an emergency stop. A dummie, who has not been strapped on, flies forward during an emergency stop

• Securing objects in the car
• Child seats and the law

Learning the lesson thoroughly

The experiences the children receive during the practical demonstrations are repeated and retained in depth with the help of worksheets representing all the dangerous situations appearing in everyday traffic.

Ideally a Sports Hall (min. 15 m long and if possible on the ground-floor or at least easilyy accessible).

Duration and Resources
The course lasts 2 hours per class,
involving 2 instructors from the CFC

Price and Booking
Make a phone call to the 'Centre de Formation pour Conducteurs' in order to make a reservation (Tel. 85 82 85-1) Price on request

Presentation and Publicity
• Large room with an 220 V electric supply
• Inform the children of the event

Kuck & Klick concentrates on children in the first class and treats primarily two main situations: “the child as pedestrian” and “ the child as passenger”. Kuck & Klick is a supplementary program for the primary school and inserts seamlessly into existing programs like "Punch and Judy" (kindergarten), "Traffic garden" ( 3rd and 4th class) and the “Students Trophy (Coupe Scolaire)” ( 5th and 6th class). The 'Centre de Formation pour Conducteurs' has the capacity and know-how to instruct all the first classes of the primary school, throughout the country, in a school year. Just Call!

The mobility and the security of our children

Message from the Government

The government has set itself the goal to eliminate the lack of safety on our roads and, alongside the existing safety programs, wishes to promote further initiatives in schools.

The security concept “Kuck&Klick” picks up on the problem of pupils as pedestrians and passengers and is based around the educational principle “learning by doing”. We are sure that this program helps to improve the behaviour of children in traffic and decreases the number of accidents.
We thank the “Centre the Formation pour Conducteurs” for this initiative. Hopefully many municipalities will be interested in this program, and in advance, we thank all the municipalities, schools, partners and parents for their encouragement. We wish great success for the Organisers, and lots of fun and successful learning for the children.