Driving License - 3 points course


The driving licence with points system was introduced 1st November 2002 in Luxemburg. The aim of this (subtractive) points system is to have an educational and deterrent effect, before it comes to repressive measures.

It encourages the driver by loss of points to adjust his driving behaviour, before the loss of all 12 points results in the suspension of the driving license.

The owner of a driving licence, who loses some points and who, during 3 complete years counting from the date of the LAST infraction has not committed any new infraction recovers ALL of his 12 points.
Individual infractions DO NOT have an expiry period.

However it is possible to recover 3 points if you choose to participate (but only once every 3 years) in a special one day course here in the Centre de Formation pour Conducteurs in Colmar-Berg.

If the total points is at ZERO, the driving license will be suspended for 12 months.

For more Information about the Driving Licence Points System, please follow this link: Ministère du Développment durable et des Infrastructures.

There are two courses to regain your points. This page treats the volunteer, one-day training to regain 3 points.

For the 12 points training, please visit this site.

The 3 Points course

This educational course is not a safety driving course. The participants are taught to realise their mistakes and avoid them in the future (technical driving experience or driving know-how are not topics of this course).


The course lasts about 7 hours, starting promptly at 8:15am.

  • Instructional explanations, driving exercises and demonstrations
  • Influence of speed
  • Influence of reaction time
  • Influence of alcohol, drugs, tiredness, distraction, etc.
  • Meaning of the speed limits 30, 50, 70, 90, and 130 etc.
  • Driving distance between cars
  • Amber traffic lights
  • Lunch
  • Paticipant-based educational work on the main reasons, the conditions and the consequences of poor behaviour in traffic. Individual Psychological and Therepeutic analysis of driving behaviour.

The Centre is in Colmar-Berg is about 20 km to the north of the capital, Luxembourg city, between the N7/E420 and the A7. (Detailed map)



Booking is by Telephone (Tel. 85 82 85-1) at the 'Centre de Formation pour Conducteurs'

Further information and hints:

• Don´t forget your driving licence, the insurance papers, the car papers and the technical control certificate!
• Rest well before this instructive day full of new experiences in connection with you and your car, and wear comfortable clothes.


Während den Übungen ist das Fahrzeug durch die eigene Haft-und Kaskoversicherung abgedeckt. Außerdem gibt es eine zusätzliche Kaskoversicherung bis zu einem Betrag von maximal 7.500.- EUR mit einem Selbstbehalt von 375.- EUR die im Preis mit einbezogen ist. Eine Zusatzversicherung für einen höheren Betrag kann abgeschlossen werden.


Breakfast and lunch are available in the restaurant is possible, but NOT included in the price.

306,40 EUR

After the course

The ministry of transport will be informed about your participation on the course and automatically add up to 3 points to the your point score. 'Up to' because the total point stock can not surpass 12 points. The ministry will inform you of your remaining points total.