Individual mobility is being restricted, traffic density increases and security on the road has becomes a major concern.

Emergency and extreme situations are fortunately not frequent in everyday driving, but this leads one to a false sense of security, thus we are poorly prepared for critical situations.95% of all car accidents are due to human error.

Cars are developping all the time, Automatic Braking Systems, Anti-Slip prevention, 4-wheel drive, Elektronic Stability Systems (ESP) and cruise controls; nevertheless an anticipatory safe behaviour and a correct reaction are essential in an emergency situation.

  • Our aim is educate our participants to take a more aware and defensive attitude to driving through simulations of dangerous and emergency situations using special road constructions and the latest equipment. The highest security standards combined with well trained and experienced instructors, help our participants to adopt a more defensive driving style. They become more aware of the dangers of everyday traffic and get to know their limits and those of their cars. They are then more likely to react in an appropriate way in emergency situations.

Learning by doing


The course is composed of a theoretical part, practical exercises, and demonstrations. The duration of the course is 7 hours. The exact timetable is detailed in the confirmation letter sent to participants. Through several exercises and demonstrations the participants will get additional experience in the following areas:

  • Self-assessment
  • Influence of speed and reaction time
  • Stopping distance in an emergency
  • Observing and steering techniques
  • Safety distance between two vehicles
  • Choice of the correct speed
  • Braking and avoiding an obstacle on slippery roads
  • Behavior and consequences of a spinning/sliding car
  • Avoiding mistakes

The course is given in 6 languages:

The participant should inform the administration of their preferred language when booking.


Courses take place throughout the year, only week-end.


The Centre in Colmar-Berg is about 20 km to the north of the capital, Luxembourg city, between the N7/E420 and the A7 (detailed map)


Booking is by Telephone ( Tel. 85 82 85-1) at the 'Centre de Formation pour Conducteurs'


Any risk!?

The course is without any risk for the driver and his car! The practical exercises are performed at low speed on a slippery road with water obstacles. There is no risk of accident and the tyres will not be worn.

During the practical exercises, your car is insured by your own Third Party/Comprehensive liability insurance. In addition, the price includes a comprehensive insurance up to a maximum coverage of 40.000.-€ with a forfeit of 500,-€. Additional insurance cover can be arranged for a higher premium.
You will use your own car during the practical exercises. The exercises are performed at low speed and without any risk to you or your car.

• Don´t forget your driving licence, the insurance papers, the car papers and the technical control certificate!
• An instructive day full of new experiences in connection with your car is waiting for you. Therefore you should -
• be well rested.
• wear comfortable clothes.


Breakfast and lunch are served at the restaurant "Neptwone".



Insurance: 16,03€
Restaurant: 15,45 €

Total: 229,42€