• Professionals in goods traffic and people transport. Whether in a 40T truck, in a bus or a coach, all of them are always on the road. Thiscauses stress because of traffic density and the pressure of time.
  • The demands of these different branches of the transport sector also need specially adapted safety driving courses.
    Besides the standard courses we offer individual programes according to the wishes of our particular customers.

We deal with these themes on request:

• Sense of safety
• Sense of responsibility
• Driving physics
• Avoiding accidents
• Stopping distance
• Reaction time
• Alcohol, Drugs, tiredness, stress
• Braking distance
• Distance between two vehicles
• Circuit planning
• New techniques (ABS, ESP, etc)
• Influence of the centre of gravity
• Saving fuel
• Economic driving

If you want further information about international laws (customs papers, driving time, maintenance of the vehicle etc.), specialised courses can be organized in cooperation with the Centre National de Formation Professionnelle Continue (CNFPC).

Program, appointments and prices on request at the Centre de Formation pour Conducteurs

(Tel. 85 82 85-1).