4x4 Off-road

Special cars need special training

Off-road vehicles with four-wheel drive often have advantages with traction and progress off the road. However very few owners of 4x4 vehicles actually know how to use their cars off the road

Therefore we offer a special training, where driving off-road and on slippery roads with 4x4vehicles can be practiced. In fact, many accidents involving 4x4 vehicles take place on snow covered roads.

The courses contain:

• Physics in relation to the car
• Up- and downhill driving
• Crossing slopes laterally
• Braking in slopes and on slippery roads
• Controlling a vehicle in 'Over-steer'
• driving in curves
• Influence of speed and reaction time
• Stopping distance in an emergency
• Observing and steering techniques
• Safety distance between two vehicles
• Choice of the correct speed
• Braking and avoiding an obstacle on slippery road
• Behaviour and consequences of a spinning vehicle
• Avoiding mistakes

Program, appointments and prices on request at the 'Centre de Formation pour Conducteurs'
(Tel. 85 82 85-1).