The Centre

The Arena in Colmar Berg

A Turn and circular path track with low-friction surface and speed measuring equipment
B Skid simulators with a fountain plate, low-friction track, computer-controlled water obstacles and an electric speed recorder
C Blind hilltop with 9% descent and a turn on a low-friction surface, including water obstacles and a speed recorder
D Braking track with computer-controlled water obstacles and an electric speed recorder
E Motorcycle handling track and an Event area of 3500 m2
F Classrooms for Professional Driver's Education
G The Track watering and Water obstacles are entirely supplied from surface water which is collected in two basins
H Connection to the Goodyear-Proving grounds
I Parking area for 90 cars
J Reception, Education, Administration, and Restaurant building
K Hall of Consequences and classrooms



Total Surface:

8 ha


+/- 10.000 training participants a year
4-5 trainings a day
max. 10 participants per training

Administration Building/Restaurant:

Meeting rooms:

1x for up to 14 people
1x for up to 40 people

Exhibition room:

76 m2


120 seats


Hall of Consequences:

Class rooms: 2x bis zu 14 Personen

Exhibition room: accidented Cars and motocylces; Simuloators

3 Beamer for presentations