Our Partners

  • Since the beginning of the Centre's activities many important organisations have committed themselves to the theme " Security on the Road".
  • The Luxembourgish Automobile Club , as well as the tyre company Goodyear and the petrol company Aral have always been concerned about road users' safety
    With motivating publicity campaigns and the development of better and safer products, our partners contribute actively to an increase in road safety.
  • In addition to the combination of publicity and events, their sponsorship makes it possible to keep prices to an acceptable level for the voluntary and obligatory participants.
  • Partner centres
  • The Centre de Formation pour Conducteurs in Colmar-Berg collaborates europe-wide with other centres, which have a technical equipement and a training program developed by the "Test & Training" team.

  • The group "Test & Training", based in Austria, has planned and managed "Road Safety centres"for more than 15 years europe-wide to a high standard. In Austria, like in Luxembourg, a novice driving safety course is obligatory for both category A (motorcycle) and B (car) driving licences.
  •  Germany
    - Fahrsicherheitszentrum Nürburgring
    - Fahrsicherheitszentrum Sachsenring

     Austria (ÖAMTC)
    - Fahrsicherheitszentrum Teesdorf
    - Fahrsicherheitszentrum Saalfelden
    - Fahrsicherheitszentrum Kärnten
    - Fahrsicherheitszentrum Tirol
    - Fahrsicherheitszentrum Marchtrenk

     Switzerland (Touring Club Schweiz)
    - Fahrsicherheitszentrum Stockental
    - Fahrsicherheitszentrum Betzholz